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Bleaching water Generator:

Sodium Hypochlorite Generation System, Sodium Hypochlorite Generator, Bleaching water generator, chlorine generator.

performance introduction:

1. Electrolysis Salt water to generate sodium hypochlorite (NaClO) Maximum up to 0.8% (8000PPM) .
2. Generate Active chlorine capacity range in 0.1Kg/hr ~1000Kg/hr.
3. Real time generate sodium hypochlorite, and online dosing into the drinking water or water treatment unit.

1. Performance steadily, reliable.
2. Low cost and stronger bactericidal ability.
3. Raw material Salt is easy and convenient to get.
4. Avoid the risks During the transportation, storage and usage.
5. System to be integrated Design, installed on Frame track, convenient to do transportation and installation.

Application field:
1. Power Generation Station water treatment
2. Drinking water treatment
3. Sewage treatment systems
4. Industrial seawater desalination, civil sea water desalination
5. For Marine vessels, to prevent marine organism attachment and growth

Name:pipeline type electrolysis unit for sea water
Name:electric equipment
Name:type electrolysis unit for salt wter
Name:Bleaching water Generator
Name:Bleaching water Generator
Name:electrolysis unit
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