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Detergent Powder Plant:

Three kinds of plants can be supplied according to the required bulk density of product powder.
1. Detergent Powder Plant with spray drying tower: The final product detergent powder from this kind of plant will have bulk density of 0.25 to 0.35.
2. Detergent Powder Plant with agglomeration technique : mainly for producing high-density detergent powder with bulk density of 0.45 to 0.80.
3. Detergent Powder Plant with both high tower and agglomeration technique: combine the technical advantages of high tower spray and agglomeration process, capable of producing both low-density and high-density detergent powders by one plant.
Manual or fully automatic computer controlled system can be used in the above-mentioned plants, depending on customer's requirements.
The capacity of the plants is 3000t/y to 200000t/y.
The operation mode can be manually and computer controlled.
The supply range is from renovation of existing plant to totally new plants construction. Environmental impact: zero sewage release.

Caustic soda plant
Name:detergent powder plant
post-blending Plant
specific parameters
Caustic soda plant
Caustic soda plant
Caustic soda plant
detergent powder plant
washing powder plant
washing powder line
washing powder equipment
laundry powder plant
laundry powder line
laundry powder equipment
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