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Phosphoric Acid Plant:
The advanced Phosphoric acid production technology
Now our company have developed the most advanced phosphoric acid production technology in the world, which is totally different from the traditional production technology, the advantage is to save the cost of investment, reduce production costs, greatly improve the effects on the environment .

We offer the following 2 kinds of production technology

1. New thermal process phosphoric acid
Traditional thermal process need to produce out P4 from phosphate rock by electric furnace, then P4 burn into P2O5 and water absorption into phosphoric acid.
Our new Thermal process we can directly produce P2O5 from phosphate rock, and then water absorption into phosphoric acid, this process shorten the process flow, and reaction generate energy can be integrated used, largely saves the production energy consumption.

2. Wet process phosphoric acid 
We use the advanced membrane filtration, replace the traditional solvent extraction, greatly reducing the waste discharge.
the process is featured in investment saving, low production cost, low energy consumption, can produce fertilizer grade, purification into variant industrial grade phosphoric acid.

our company new process of thermal phosphoric acid features: 
1. The process can directly produce 75% industrial grade phosphoric acid, which is applicable to be used in all fields of the traditional thermal process, such as detergent powder STPP production, organic and inorganic chemical field.
2. The energy is integration and optimization for usage, saved electric power consumption.
3. The slag can be directly used for cement production, no phosphorus gypsum discharge problem.
4. The process is applicable for the low grade phosphate rock, the high silicon, High Iron aluminum, high magnesium and calcium phosphate can be used directly, these phosphate mine can't be used for wet process. it is workable for  the phosphorus resource gradually dried up trend.
5. process flow is short, Processing plant and workshop investment is less than the traditional thermal process.
6. ton phosphoric acid production cost largely decreased, production cost lower and profit higher.
7. Compared with the traditional Thermal process, less investment, quick return.
8. The integrated production cost is lower than wet process phosphoric acid technology.
9. with further purification unit, with multi-grades purification into food grade phosphoric acid, electronic grade phosphoric acid. Enrich variety of products, increase product added value.

The Wet Process By Asia Chemical Featured In Following: 
1. The process can directly produce 55% high concentration phosphoric acid, according to the client request, it can further concentrate into 75%.
2. The By-product clean High strength semi hydrated gypsum can be sold, or build a gypsum block or plate production line.
3. The process compare with the traditional wet process, Saves the energy consumption of phosphate concentration and gypsum calcination.
4. No phosphorus gypsum waste discharge.
5. By-Product Gypsum added value, which can largely decrease the production cost.


Phosphoric acid plant
Phosphoric acid equipment
Phosphoric acid Production Line
Phosphoric acid equipment
Wet process phosphoric acid
Phosphoric acid plant
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