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Potassium sulphate plant: The said plant is for the Potassium Sulfate produced from Raw material Potassium Chloride KCL and Sulfuric Acid H2SO4 Reaction in Mannheim Furnace. The Main product Potassium Sulfate, By-product it is Hydrochloric acid.


Our Features

1. Our Mannheim furnace produces 20% more potassium sulfate than our competitors in the industry. The products come out of a lower cost while stay at a high quality standard.
2. Our co-production hydrochloric acid product has a higher recycle rate, a higher quality and can reach food grade standards.
3. Our processes are very environmental friendly. The process can be done dust free and odor free, and the off-gas discharge is low enough meet to the environmental standard.
4. According to the factory local physical circumstances, we can recycle the energy of the Flue gas for energy saving and decrease discharge.
5. We have a very experienced production team that can ensure the start-running, trail production successful in 1 time to make products up to standard, it is also ensure our customers to learn properly operate of the production plant and gain experiences.

Potassium Sulphate  Macines
Name:Potassium Sulphate Macines
Potassium Sulphate Equipment
Name:Potassium Sulphate Equipment
Potassium Sulphate Factory
Name:Potassium Sulphate Factory
Potassium Sulphate Plant
Name:Potassium Sulphate Plant
Potassium Sulphate Producting Equipment
Name:Potassium Sulphate Producting Equipment
Potassium Sulphate production line
Name:Potassium Sulphate production line
Potassium Sulphate production plant
Name:Potassium Sulphate production plant
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