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sodium hydroxide production equipment
Name: sodium hydroxide production equipment

Sodium hydroxide is an important inorganic chemical produced by the electrolysis of salt ). It is used in general manufacturing, mineral processing and water treatment. The raw material of this equipment is industrial salt, produce caustic and chlorine by electrolysis. The main process contains: first brine-secondary brine-electrolysis
-dechlorination--chlorine and hydrogen processing etc. Compare to the dissepiment method and hydrolyzing method, This device adopts ionic membrane to produce caustic which is the most advanced technology of the world, it has many advantages like lower consumption of power(32%liquid alkali 100%, save 0.556T coal each ton than dissepiment method), higher quality(salt content is lower than 40ppm, 5% of salt in dissepiment method with same concentration), less pollution(no asbestos fiber and Hg pollution), lower cost and easier operation etc.. High purity ionic membrane liquid alkali has low salt and HCL content, easy to process solid alkali, is convenient for products transportation and storage, has large market, and strong competitive power and contingency. This device can be added follow-up equipments of which caustic condensing, HCL, liquid chlorine, sodium hypochlorite and PVC etc. based on the customers'requirements.

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